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Candidate Feedback Report: Know & Grow Page
Candidate Feedback Report: Know & Grow Page

Learn about the details provided on the Know & Grow Page of the Feedback Report

Written by Jeanette Klover
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Candidate Feedback - Know & Grow Page

The Know & Grow page provides the candidate with all the information we have gathered about their Natural Tendencies (personality traits) and Personal Drivers (motivational items). These findings are ranked and displayed in order to show how some of a candidate’s characteristics and preferences translate to behaviors, what that means in a work setting, as well as what they can meaningfully do with this information.

The bar charts at the top of each section give an overarching look at how tendencies and preferences are ranked and measure up against each other, and the cards detailing the information about each of these elements are meant to provide valuable, actionable information that candidates can apply to every-day life.

Natural Tendencies

Natural Tendencies provide feedback derived from the Wonderlic Select Personality assessment. Although the language may look different (translations below), the same personality traits are covered here as in Wonderlic Select. In addition, the details provided in Wonderlic Select are more explicit and provide deeper insights than the feedback given to candidates, but candidates are still able to take this “light” feedback and learn about themselves. The language used in this section is very important and has undergone rigorous review, and we suggest adopting as much of this language as possible for your own feedback conversations with candidates; most importantly it helps assure that the traits will not be misinterpreted, and simplifies the feedback to relatable key words.

Here is how the language is broken down:

  • Spontaneous and Dependable refer to the Dependability scale

  • Excitable and Composed refer to the Stress Tolerance scale

  • Candid and Helpful refer to the Cooperation scale

  • Reserved and Outgoing refer to the Sociability scale

  • Conventional and Open-Minded refer to the Open-Mindedness scale

Each Natural Tendency card provides possible growth opportunities and strategies for the candidate to balance their traits, especially when interacting with individuals of a different qualities than their own. These strategies are presented as specific behaviors or tasks that can be considered when approaching different scenarios in the workplace.

Personal Drivers

Personal Drivers provide feedback derived from the Wonderlic Select Motivation assessment. Again, the language will look different (translations below), but the same motivational items are covered here as in Wonderlic Select. As with the Natural Tendencies, the results provided for the Motivation assessment in Wonderlic Select provide more candid, detailed insights than the Candidate Feedback; and the language around motivations, or drivers, has been adjusted for simplification (see below).

Here is how the language is broken down:

  • Hands-On Work refers to the Practical Interests scale

  • Analytical Work refers to the Investigative Interests scale

  • Creative Work refers to the Artistic Interests scale

  • Service Work refers to the Social Interests scale

  • Persuasive Work refers to the Enterprising Interests scale

  • Clerical Work refers to the Conventional Interests scale

Candidates can use this section to get an idea of what interests them the most about different types of work and the activities associated with that preference. Of the drivers that interest them the most, we provide a few examples of jobs and roles related to that interest so that they can get a sense of the type of work that relates to the interest. Some of those jobs require a lot of outside education, training, or specialized skills while some do not, but we show the variety of options related to any given driver to demonstrate that any motivation can be satisfied by a variety of roles (and not just the obvious ones). It is possible for candidates to be interested in all the drivers, or very few, but understanding their interests and preferences can help them to understand ways to increase job satisfaction in any role.

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