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Candidate Feedback Report: Overview Page
Candidate Feedback Report: Overview Page

Learn about the details provided on the Overview Page of the Feedback Report

Written by Jeanette Klover
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Candidate Feedback - Overview Page

The Candidate Feedback Overview page provides high-level information about the candidate’s natural tendencies, drivers, and traits on the job. The verbiage has been simplified to avoid misinterpretation and is different from the traditional Wonderlic Selectr results you are used to seeing, and it is designed to be useful for candidate purposes. The Overview page (from left to right) focuses on the candidate’s top Natural Tendency (Personality), their most powerful Personal Driver (Motivation), and their Problem-Solving style (Cognitive Ability). Tags are provided for further clarification of what their feedback means, as well as examples of how these items may affect the individual in their daily and working life.

The cards shown on the Overview page are chosen in several ways. The trait shown on the Natural Tendency card focuses on the candidate’s most distinct personality trait. This trait is what often makes the candidate stand out from others the most. The motivation discussed on the Personal Driver card is based on their highest ranked motivator. This represents their most preferred working style or environment. Finally, the Problem-Solving card displays insights based on the candidate’s approach to new ideas or concepts. Since the candidate is made aware during their assessment that a measure of cognitive ability is collected, it is important that we provide feedback about their problem-solving style.

These items, and many more, are explored in further detail on the Know & Grow page. Please visit the Know & Grow article for more information on the language used for all individual components.

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