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Candidate Feedback Reports

A quick overview of how you and your candidates can best use the Candidate Feedback Report, and a quick glance at each page of the report.

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We know that a positive candidate experience is an important part of the recruiting and hiring process for every organization, and we strive to continuously provide the best possible experience to every individual who interacts with our assessment tools. The Wonderlic Select Candidate Feedback Report provides value to candidates in exchange for their time spent completing Wonderlic Select assessments by giving them broad insights about themselves based on their responses. Offering this report is consistent with the best practices for a great candidate experience. This document provides an overview of best practices, access, and feedback details.

The Candidate Feedback Report consists of three pages: Overview, Know & Grow, and In Action. The report provides varying information about a candidate’s overall performance, lightweight suggestions of how to best use their strengths, and it raises awareness of potential areas of improvement.


The Candidate Feedback Report is intended for use by your candidates after completing their assessments and leverages safe, approved language to share the types of information that was gathered about them during their assessments, general performance data (a broad interpretation of their traits), and actionable feedback regarding how to use those interpretations in their daily life. It does not include any scores, indication of a hiring preference, or even feedback regarding the specific job opening for which they have taken an assessment. The feedback report is meant to reward candidates for the time spent on their assessments and reduces the risk of inconsistent feedback or candidate misunderstandings.

The Candidate Feedback Report is not intended to be used alongside the Wonderlic Select assessment scores/results provided to you be default, and it is not designed to be used for selection purposes. Therefore, it should not be considered when making a hiring decision.

Furthermore, the results report found in the Wonderlic Select platform not only cover all information displayed in the Candidate Feedback Report, but goes into greater detail and provides direct, candid insights based on the assessment findings. To ensure candidates can easily understand their information, including definitions of different traits and drivers, the language in the Candidate Feedback Report looks different than the robust reporting shared with you as an employer. Simply put, there is no benefit to spending time reviewing both Wonderlic Select results as well as the Candidate Feedback Report when making your hiring decisions.

This report should be used to provide value to the candidate and compensation for their time spent on the Wonderlic Select assessment. It is also a great foundation for feedback conversations with your candidates – consistently using this safe and positive language helps paint a clear picture of their performance during all stages of your selection and hiring process.

Given the simplicity of the Candidate Feedback Report, candidates are not provided their Wonderlic Select numeric score. This prevents misinterpretations of scores and potential negative effects these scores may have on a candidate’s experience and/or self-esteem.

Access the Candidate Feedback Report

In order for you or candidates to view the Candidate Feedback Report, candidate feedback must be turned ‘on’ for the job opening against which your candidates will be assessed. This setting is controlled when creating and/or editing a job opening by clicking the checkbox labeled ‘Provide candidate assessment feedback’.

The Candidate Feedback Report can then be viewed by locating the menu on the Candidate Details page

How Does the Candidate Access Their Feedback Report

Candidates are provided access to their feedback report directly from the assessment completion page (unless the candidate tested using an on-site access code or the account is integrated with an ATS) or via an emailed link and access code.

NOTE: Candidate Feedback Reports are only accessible when the following conditions are met. When candidates complete assessments in French or Spanish and meet the following conditions, they will receive a report, but it will be written in English.

  • The Candidate Feedback Report is turned ‘On’ for the candidates of an opening

  • All three portions of the Wonderlic Select assessment are completed (Cognitive, Motivation, and Personality)

  • The candidate does not receive a retest warning for any portion of the assessment

  • The candidate is not tagged as a non-applicant

Overview Page

The Overview page provides high-level information about candidates' natural tendencies, drivers, and traits on the job. You can follow the link below for an in-depth explanation of what this page contains.

Click HERE for more detailed information about the Overview page

Know and Grow Page

The Know & Grow page provides more in-depth information about the impact of a candidate’s Personality (Natural Tendencies) and Motivations (Personal Drivers) in the workplace, including growth opportunities.

Click HERE for more detailed information about the Know & Grow page

In Action Page

The In Action page provides information about how candidates may perform in different work environments in the context of commonly discussed work traits. It also describes specific behaviors they may use leverage their traits on the job.

Click HERE for more detailed information about the In Action page

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