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How to Print Candidate Results Reports
How to Print Candidate Results Reports

Need a hard copy or PDF of a candidate’s results? The print function allows you to print or save a PDF of a candidate's results report.

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If you need to print candidates’ results reports to include in employment files, or you want to share an electronic copy of results with a colleague, Wonderlic Select allows you to do both. 

To view a candidate’s Wonderlic Select results report, click on the candidate’s name to open it.

Then, print the report or save it as a PDF on your computer by clicking on the menu icon at the upper right corner of the candidate’s results page. On the dropdown menu that appears, select “Print."

NOTE:  The ability to save a document as a PDF is dependent on the browser you are using and the specific features available on your computer or device. In most cases, to save the candidate report as a PDF, choose “Save as PDF” or “Print to PDF” as the print destination. If these do not appear as options to you, you may need to add functionality to your browser or log in using a different browser.

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