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Copy a Candidate to Another Position
Copy a Candidate to Another Position

Wonderlic Select allows you to copy candidates' results from one job opening to another to evaluate their fit for an alternate position

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One of the benefits of Wonderlic Select is that the same cognitive, motivation and personality assessments are used for all positions, and results are evaluated according to the specific demands of each position. This means that candidates only need to be tested once. When candidates may be interested in or qualified for more than one job opening, you can copy their results to other job openings and evaluate them against the requirements for each specific position.

To copy a candidate's assessment results, click the menu icon on the listing of a specific candidate who has completed testing. Then, on the dropdown menu, click "Copy Candidate."

You'll be prompted to select an opening to which you'd like to copy the candidate's results. Simply begin typing the name of the opening. When the desired job opening appears, select it and click "Save." 

The candidate's results will immediately be copied to the new position and evaluated against the requirements for that position. Depending on the cognitive and motivational demands of the positions, these sub-scores may change, but the personality score will remain unchanged.

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