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Updating Candidate Contact Information
Updating Candidate Contact Information

Learn how to update Wonderlic Select candidate contact information including name and email address.

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Updating Candidate Information

Whether you send testing invitations directly through Wonderlic Select, or your candidates access a Quick Apply Link to enter their own contact information before testing, sometimes it may be necessary to update information associated with a particular candidate when:

  • An error is made entering the name or email address for a direct invitation

  • A candidate indicates that their information is incorrect or has changed since it was entered

  • A candidate completes an assessment on a shared or borrowed device and they discover that the device’s browser auto populated another person’s information in place of their own

Correcting Information for a Candidate Who Has Tested

If a candidate contacts you regarding incorrect information, or if you realize that information was mistyped, you can update information associated with the candidate in Wonderlic Select.

To do this, click on the action menu (the three vertically-stacked dots) to the far right of the candidate listing, and select "Contact" from the dropdown menu.

Then, on the window that appears, click on "Edit Candidate Information." This will bring up an editable view of the candidate's name, email address, and other optional information (which candidates can enter within the testing workflow.)

Edit the pertinent fields, and click "Save."

NOTE: Wonderlic will never change candidate information without your knowledge. If a candidate contacts us because incorrect information is associated with their testing administration, we will refer the candidate to contact you, the prospective employer, to correct the information within the platform.

Correcting a Candidate's Email Address

If a candidate communicates that they did not receive a testing invitation, and you discover that you've mistyped a candidate's email address, follow the steps listed above to update the email address. Then, go to the action menu (the three vertically-stacked dots) to the far right of the candidate listing, select "Launch Tests" from the menu, and proceed to send an invitation to the corrected email address.

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