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Three Ways to Test a Candidate
Three Ways to Test a Candidate

Learn about your options for initiating candidate testing with Wonderlic Select.

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Candidate Testing Options

Wonderlic Select provides you with multiple options for initiating assessments. Here, we explain your options for initiating candidate testing as well as the benefits of each method. Whatever your situation, Wonderlic Select is designed to seamlessly integrate into your application process.

Email Invitation / Onsite Access Code

Use the direct email invitation or the on-site access code if you already have candidates in mind for whom you have contact information.

To directly invite a candidate to test or to generate an on-site access code, select the desired job opening and, on the screen that appears, click on the “Test Candidate” button at the upper right of the screen.

Then, in the candidate entry window, provide the candidate’s first and last name and email address. Select a launch option: 

  • Email Invitation (default)

  • Onsite Access Code

  • None (in case you want to enter candidate information now, but set up the testing administration later)

When you select Email Invitation and click “Save,” the candidate will immediately be sent an invitation to complete the assessment.

When you select Onsite Access Code and click “Save,” you'll immediately receive a printable document containing the code and instructions for initiating the assessment.

Quick Apply Link

Wonderlic Select also provides you the opportunity to generate a static link. Using this link allows candidates to enter their own contact information and access the assessments themselves. This link can be added to your website's career page, a job listing, or may be included in a mass candidate email - whatever method best supports your recruitment and application processes. By using the Quick Apply Link, you greatly reduce the time spent inviting candidates to test.

To generate a Quick Apply Link for a job opening, click on the link icon to the far right of the job opening listing.

Then, on the window that appears, click the copy icon to copy the link for inclusion in a job posting or other candidate communication.

If you choose to embed the Quick Apply Link in your own custom candidate invitation email, we recommend adopting similar language to the system generated candidate invitation email provided by Wonderlic Select. Click below to view sample email text.

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