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Cloning a Job Opening
Cloning a Job Opening

Create a job opening parallel to an existing opening by using the cloning feature.

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Cloning a Job Opening

Cloning a job opening is a time-saving solution when you have an existing job opening (from a previous hiring cycle or for a different location) and you would like to create a parallel opening for a new location or hiring cycle. Cloning helps ensure testing consistency for the same job title over time or among different locations.

To clone a job opening, click on the action menu (the three vertically stacked dots) to the far right of the desired listing on your job openings page. Then, select “Clone Job Opening” from the menu.

If the job opening you’re cloning was created using Wonderlic's AI jobs engine, you’ll be prompted to update the job opening name, location, hiring manager, and attach any pertinent tags to the opening, as this information is automatically populated from the cloned opening.

However, if the job was created prior to the introduction of our current jobs engine technology, you’ll be alerted that updated jobs data is available and you’ll be presented with the option to clone the existing opening or create a new job opening using Wonderlic AI.

Make your selection. If you choose to clone the existing opening, you’ll be prompted to update the job opening name, location, hiring manager, and attach any pertinent tags to the opening. If you choose to create a new opening, you’ll be prompted to add the job’s title and our jobs engine will automatically identify and select the appropriate scoring profile. Then simply add the other information to the opening, as appropriate.

NOTE: The Wonderlic AI jobs engine continues to use the Department of Labor’s O*Net database as it’s basis, but it further refines scoring profiles based on millions of additional data points. While there may be slight differences between our current scoring profiles and our traditional scoring profiles for the same position, these differences do not significantly change candidates’ reported scores or the validity of the assessment results.

As a best practice, Wonderlic recommends creating new job openings to replace long-standing openings to take advantage of current jobs data. This will ensure that you are using the most up to date Department of Labor information, as well as taking advantage of the supplemental data Wonderlic has amassed in creating this tool.

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