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Adding a Job Using Wonderlic's Jobs Engine, TrueMatch
Adding a Job Using Wonderlic's Jobs Engine, TrueMatch

Adding a job opening couldn't be easier! TrueMatch quickly matches your job title to one of over 3.5 million jobs in our database.

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Wonderlic Select employs TrueMatch, our AI-driven jobs engine developed by Wonderlic, which allows you to more accurately and quickly match your job openings to scoring profiles that are unique to the specific needs of your company's roles.

TrueMatch continues to use the Department of Labor’s O*NET database as its foundation. But, we've combined O*NET data, covering just over 1,000 distinct jobs, with information gleaned from over 10 million resumes and LinkedIn profiles to create a truly extensive database of job profiles. Our data scientists have been able to develop an understanding of the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for over 3.5 million unique jobs.

Adding a Job Using TrueMatch

When you click the "Add Job Opening" button on your Wonderlic Select home page or job openings page, you'll be prompted to enter a job title. That's it! There's no need to provide the full job description and no need to weigh differences between multiple profiles to create a job opening. Just click "Next" to immediately identify the job opening's scoring profile.

If your job is already a perfect match with O*NET, TrueMatch assigns that job profile. If you enter the name of a job that isn’t cataloged in O*NET, TrueMatch intelligently identifies the similarities and differences between that role and similar jobs - and produces a new and unique job profile automatically.

You can view the details of the cognitive, motivation, and personality requirements we've identified for the opening by clicking "View Details." You can also modify the opening name, location, and hiring manger, add tags to the opening, and select to provide candidate feedback (recommended) and to follow the opening.

After you have made any desired updates, click "Save" to create the job opening.

Note: In the rare instance that TrueMatch can't locate a profile for your job, choose an alternate, closely-matching title and search again. You will have the opportunity to change the candidate-facing title to your preferred title in the process of creating the job opening.

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