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Wonderlic Select User Management
Wonderlic Select User Management

Account owners and admins may add or delete users at the account or the job opening level, as well as designate which users may add jobs.

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Wonderlic Select User Management

As a Wonderlic Select account owner or admin, you may add users to your account. There are two levels of User Management:

  • Account-level user management refers to the default access a user will have within the platform. For example, Owner and Admin roles automatically allow access to all job openings. User roles require specific permissions for individual openings. The Admin role is designed for Wonderlic Select users who should have full access to all job openings, such as HR associates.

  • Opening-level user management refers to the specific permissions an account User is provided for a given job opening. A User can be assigned permission to test candidates, view candidate results, or even add jobs. The User role is designed for those whose access should be limited to specific jobs or activities, such as hiring managers. 

This document provides an overview of how to add users and your options for assigning roles and accessibility.

Accessing User Management

You may manage your account users from the right column of your dashboard, in the "Additional Actions" section. This function is also available at the upper right corner of your Job Openings list page.

User Management Page

The user management page includes a list of all account users, including names, email addresses, job titles, and assigned roles. From here, you'll be able to invite new users, remove users, update user roles, and access other details.

  • To add a new account user, click on "Invite User" button at the upper right of the page. In the window that appears, type the email address of the new user and select an account level role for the individual. For account level users, you can check the box if you wish them to be able to add job openings. The new user will automatically receive an email invitation to set up login credentials. (By default, Account Admins and Owners are able to add jobs to the testing platform.)

  • To update an existing account user, click on the user's name on the User Management page. On the screen that appears, use the Role Dropdown Menu to change the person's role. If you’d like a User to have the ability to add jobs, make sure the checkbox is selected.

NOTE:  Account-level Users automatically become Admins for all jobs they create. For other jobs, Users may be added at the job level to either manage jobs/openings or with view-only permissions.

  • To remove a user, click on the trash can symbol to the right of a user's name. On the window that appears, click on "Continue" to confirm that you wish to remove this user from the platform.

Account Level User Role Details

There are typically two role options to choose from: Admin and User. If you are the current account Owner, you are also able to change account ownership to another user and your role will default to Admin. 

Owner:  This role provides full access to the platform including account (billing) management, account user management, and the ability to add and edit job openings.

Admin: This role has access to account user management and the ability to add and edit job openings. Admins cannot access account (billing) management.

User: Anyone assigned the User role will only have access to the specific job openings they are assigned to. Opening-level access can then be assigned to adjust the level of permissions the user has regarding viewing, editing, and/or having admin privileges for that job opening. Users can also be given to ability to add job openings.

Managing Opening Users

Information about job opening user permissions can be accessed in three locations:

  • The User Details Page (accessed by clicking on a user's name on the User Management Page.

You may select one or more job openings by checking the boxes to the left of the opening name, then click on the "Update Access" dropdown menu to select the user's access level for the job(s). If you'd like this user to be able to add jobs, make sure to check the "Can add job openings" box.

From this view, you can also check other user's access to any opening by clicking on the opening name in blue.

  • You may also access job opening user permissions by clicking on the menu icon on the Job Opening Card and selecting "User Access" from the dropdown menu.

  • Likewise, on the Candidate List Page for a specific job opening, click on the menu icon and select "User Access."

Clicking "user Access" from either menu option will bring up a window listing all account users and their level of access to the specific job opening. Users with Owner and Admin account access cannot be updated at the opening level, so their access dropdown menus are inactive.

Job Opening Level User Role Details

By default, account Owners and Admins have access to all job openings and are able to add jobs. But, account-level Users must have specific permissions for each job opening in order to have access. These opening-level roles include: Admin, Edit, and View Only.

Opening Admin: This role allows users to view and/or edit the specific job opening and also provides access to user management at this opening level.

Opening Edit: This role permits users to edit the job opening details and test/add candidates, but they are not able to control other users' access to the job.

Opening View Only: This is the most restrictive user role. This setting only permits the user to view the job opening details and candidate results.

Additional User Management Functions

Editing or Deleting Users

As mentioned previously, you may edit or delete users from the "Manage Account Users" page. To edit a user's role, job opening access, or opening-level permissions globally, click on the user's name listed on that page and follow the prompts. If job opening specific changes are needed, the user's access can be updated by clicking on the job opening menu icon and selecting "User Access."

NOTE: Some information, such as name and email address, can only be updated by users themselves. Individual users can access and update this information by clicking on their names at the upper right of the screen and selecting "My Profile" from the dropdown menu.

Resending User Invitations

You also have the ability to resend user email invitations right from the Wonderlic Select platform. This is useful when an invited user may have accidentally deleted the email before setting up login credentials. A new invitation email will automatically be generated by the system and sent to the recipient.

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