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Wonderlic Select Dashboard

WonScore's dashboard is your gateway to the WonScore testing platform.

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Wonderlic Select Dashboard

The dashboard provides you with quick, easy access to features you use most, plus information and resources you need to get the most out of Wonderlic Select.

Let's take a tour of what's included on the dashboard.

Wonderlic Select Overview

  • A brief overview of how the platform helps you navigate and improve your hiring, interviewing and onboarding processes

  • Useful for new users to better understand how Wonderlic Select can ease hiring and onboarding processes

  • Dismissible content - Section can be removed from the dashboard after review by new or established users

Recent Job Openings Section

  • One-click access to candidates assigned to your most recently visited job openings

  • Also provides convenient access to your full list of job openings

Welcome Section

A single location to view important messages about your account and user status. View messages about:

  • Renewal dates

  • Pending account pauses or cancellations

  • Platform and company announcements

Test Candidate and Add Jobs Buttons

  • Access the two most used functions without having to leave the dashboard.

Additional Actions Section

  • Add, delete or change roles of account users

  • Create a downloadable extract of your candidate data

Getting Started Checklist

  • A step-by-step guide to add jobs, test candidates, and view results

  • Introduces resources and guides to allow you to get the most out of WonScore

Try it Out Section

  • Experience an abbreviated version of the Wonderlic Select assessment to better understand the candidate experience

  • Review the type and format of the questions your candidates will answer

  • Includes explanations of each assessment component, highlighting its relevance and providing details of the candidate experience

  • Dismissible content - Section can be removed from the dashboard after review by users

Help Section

Your central source for access to Wonderlic Select's help content.

  • Access our Knowledge Base for useful articles and find answers to common questions.

  • Access the Wonderlic Select Tour Guide for a comprehensive overview of platform navigation and functions.

  • Can't find an answer? Initiate a chat with a Wonderlic Support Team member.

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