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Archiving Wonderlic Select Job Openings
Archiving Wonderlic Select Job Openings

Organize candidate data or reduce active job openings to meet subscription requirements by archiving filled/inactive job openings.

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Archiving Job Openings

Retention of your hiring data is critical to maintaining the integrity of the hiring process. For this reason, Wonderlic Select prevents deletion of any job openings for which candidates have been invited to test. This safeguard prevents you from losing candidate assessment data used to make hiring decisions.

But, to avoid cluttering your Job Openings Page with candidate listings from previous hiring cycles, Wonderlic Select provides you the ability to archive already-filled job openings and remove them from your active view, while safely protecting the candidate data that contributed to your hiring decisions.

How to Archive an Opening

To archive a job opening, click on the archive icon (the downward pointing arrow) on the far right of the desired opening listed on your Job Openings page.

This will remove it from your view of active openings and will also archive the candidates within the opening. But, you can still access this opening by switching to your view of archived openings. To switch views, click on "Archived" at the upper left of your Job Openings page.

Why Archive Job Openings

Archiving a job opening allows you to remove it from your active view at the end of a hiring cycle. This can help to eliminate clutter on the platform and reduce the risk of confusing similar openings.

Additionally, some Wonderlic Select subscription plans have caps on the number of concurrent job openings permitted. At the end of a hiring cycle, archiving openings for filled jobs can keep you within the boundaries of your selected subscription plan.

When to Archive Job Openings

Archiving a job opening means that any candidates who have been invited to test for that opening will no longer be able to do so. For this reason, you shouldn't archive an opening until all candidates have been given an ample opportunity to complete the assessment. An optimal time to archive an opening is after you have created your short list of candidates to pursue and/or you have selected your hire(s).

NOTE: You can still update a candidate's status to "Hired" after an opening has been archived. Remember, in order to access the New Hire Success Tips for your new employees, their statuses will need to be updated to "Hired" first.

How to Reactivate a Job Opening

To return a job opening to an active status, begin by switching to your view of archived job openings at the upper left of your Job Openings page. Then, click on the un-archive icon (the upward-pointing arrow) to the far right of the desired opening. The opening will be returned to an active status.

NOTE: For a new hiring cycle, we recommend creating a new job opening rather than reactivating a previous opening. By creating a new opening, you'll easily be able to identify the candidates who applied for the opening at a specific point in time. This will minimize the risk of contacting applicants from months or years prior for a current job posting.

Deleting Job Openings

The only circumstance in which you're completely able to delete a Wonderlic Select job opening is when no candidates have been assigned to the opening.

To ensure fair and defensible hiring practices, it's important to retain all information pertaining to steps in your hiring processes. So, it would be inappropriate to destroy any information pertaining to candidates for any positions.

However, if you have cause to completely remove a job opening and no candidates have been listed for the position, you can click on the menu icon to the far right of the job listing and select "Remove Opening" from the dropdown menu. After being prompted to confirm your choice, you'll completely remove the opening from Wonderlic Select.

NOTE: "Remove Opening" is not a menu choice for any job openings with one or more candidates listed, whether the candidates have tested, or not. This is done to protect candidate data and to accommodate legal considerations related to hiring practices.

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