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Candidate Emails

Better understand the candidate experience by learning about the email communication they will receive

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When you provide candidates an opportunity to test via an email invitation, Wonderlic Select automatically sends several emails on your organization’s behalf that will shepherd them through the assessment experience.

These emails name your organization and the specific job opening, describe the assessment process, and include information about the assessment (providing a link to resources about the testing experience.) These emails are designed to draw attention to your organization and the details of the job opening, in order to better follow human resources best practices for hiring.

Below are the emails that candidates could possibly receive, depending on the timeliness of their progression through the assessment process:

  • Invitation Email: Sent automatically by Wonderlic Select to directly invite candidate

  • Assessment Incomplete Email: Sent automatically by system if the entire assessment is not completed within two hours of last testing activity

  • Reminder Email: Sent automatically by system five days after initial invitation if the candidate has not started the assessment (NOTE: This email is not sent if the candidate or job opening has been archived.)

  • Assessment Complete Email: Sent automatically by system when all required sections of the assessment are submitted and processed

In addition, candidates who access testing through a Quick Apply Link will receive an Assessment Started Email, sent automatically by the system after they have provided their contact information in the testing workflow. These candidates will also receive the “incomplete,” “reminder,” and “complete” emails, as appropriate.

NOTE: Wonderlic developed the timing and cadence of these candidate-facing emails with the typical candidate experience in mind, and the communication reflects human resources best practices to maximize candidate engagement. To maintain a consistent experience across your candidate pool, timing of email delivery cannot be modified nor can additional reminder emails be sent automatically by Wonderlic Select.

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