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Viewing Candidate Results
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Wonderlic Select provides a single numerical score for each of your job candidates. Collectively, these scores give you greater insight into your candidate pool and help you identify individuals with the greatest potential for success.

Candidates are assessed in three key areas to help predict job success: cognitive ability, motivation and personality. Each candidate’s results for the three component assessments combine to create this single score that helps you easily rank and compare individual applicants.

As candidates complete each component assessment, their results automatically become available to you on the testing site. These results are evaluated against the specific requirements for the chosen job profile.

Single Overall Score

Candidates’ single overall scores fall into four categories: strong, moderate, cautionary, and weak. The higher the scoring range, the more likely a candidate is to be successful in that specific position. But, keep in mind that scores within the same range demonstrate similar performance. And the scores are color coded to easily identify the strongest candidates at a glance.

Candidates who score in the strong or moderate ranges are likely to be successful in the specific position. The higher the score, the better the fit. Wonderlic recommends considering candidates with the strongest scores first.

You can find each candidate’s overall single score in two places; on the candidate list for the job opening, and on each candidate’s detail page.

Candidate List Page

Candidate Detail Page

Fit Scores

Wonderlic Select also includes three fit scores (cognitive ability, motivation and personality) which combine to determine the candidate’s overall single score.

Each fit score is listed on a scale of 0-100, just like the overall score. The higher the score, the closer the candidate is to the optimal score for that specific assessment.

Candidate List Page

Candidate Detail Page

Scale scores

The results for the Motivation and Personality assessments are further divided into sub-scales which can be viewed on each candidate's detail page. These in-depth reports can help you better understand candidates' interests and personality traits which can help you identify the candidates with the greatest potential for success.  

The following motivational interests are evaluated and the scores for the three interests most relevant to the position contribute to the overall single score:

The detailed personality report provides scores for the following sub-scales:

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