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How to Manage Job Openings with Tags
How to Manage Job Openings with Tags

Learn how to create, edit, and filter your job openings using custom tags.

Written by Jeanette Klover
Updated over a week ago

Create and edit tags

Tags can be used to group your job openings, refine search results, and make important distinctions between similar job openings. Tags can be applied while creating new job openings as well as when editing existing openings. When adding a new opening there will be the option to create new custom tags or choose from your existing tag options. Tags are also great if you are recruiting for the same job in multiple locations. You are able to keep track of what candidates are applying to which location.

To create a new tag, simply type the name you would like to use and click ‘create new tag’ or ‘enter’ on your keyboard. The tag will appear in the field and will be applied to the opening after clicking ‘save’.

If you would like to use an existing tag, begin to type the name and any existing tags with matching characters will be suggested in the drop down. 

Once the opening details are saved any applied tags will appear on the job opening card. 

If new or different tags are needed on an existing opening, click ‘edit opening’ in the opening menu to view the edit modal. The existing tags (if there are any) will be shown- they can be deleted by clicking the ‘x’ or new tags can be added by clicking into the field.

Filter by tags

The tag filter option is shown on the top of the opening list page. Clicking into the field will suggest existing tags to filter by or type a specific tag name you’re looking to filter by. Multiple tags can be selected.

Once you’ve selected the desired tags, the job list will show results based on the filter criteria. Change your tag filters by clicking the ‘x’ or ‘backspace’ on your keyboard.

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