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Comparing Candidates
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While overall single scores can help you to screen out candidates from the total applicant pool who are not qualified for a position, the Candidate Comparison Feature helps you to screen in individuals from your short list of qualified candidates.

With the Candidate Comparison Feature, you can evaluate the results of two to four candidates, side-by side. This allows you to more easily identify which applicants you may want to invite to participate in the next steps of your hiring process, such as in-person interviews and job simulations.

Candidates are compared by their cognitive ability scores, the score of the most relevant motivation sub-scale for that specific job title, and their dependability sub-score from the personality assessment.

To use the Candidate Comparison feature:

  • Check the boxes to the left of the names of two to four candidates who you would like to compare side-by-side.

  • Then, from the Actions menu at the top of the candidate listing, select "Compare" from the dropdown menu.

The report will list specific results of the selected candidates side-by-side. Each comparison includes:

  • Candidates' cognitive ability scores

  • The most relevant motivation sub-score for the position

  • The candidates' dependability sub-score obtained from the personality assessment.

You can expand the report to view other relevant motivation sub-scores and all other personality subscores.

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