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Non-Applicant Testing

Understand when you should mark a test taker as a non-applicant, how to do so, and why it's important.

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Non-Applicant Testing

Of course, you can get a taste of the candidate workflow by clicking "Preview Candidate Experience" on the lower right corner of your homepage. This abbreviated preview of the Wonderlic Select experience provides you with an explanation of each of the three components as well as sample questions to complete.

Note: this option is dismissible and may not be visible on your current dashboard view.

If someone in your organization would like to complete the full Wonderlic Select candidate experience, it's important to mark this individual as a non-applicant prior to sending the test invitation. 

Identifying Test Taker as a Non Applicant

If you or another member of your organization would like the full candidate experience, make sure to check the box next to "Not an actual job applicant?" when inviting yourself or a colleague to test.

Why Designate a Non Applicant

Wonderlic Select uses a different scoring algorithm for non-applicants than it does for actual candidates. This algorithm takes into account that an actual job is not "on the line" for the test taker. Our research shows that individuals who aren't actual job applicants tend to respond differently than actual candidates, especially when taking the personality assessment.

Also, non-applicants are identified on your Candidates page. This helps prevent mistaking these individuals for actual job applicants.

When to Designate a Non Applicant

As Wonderlic Select is intended as a pre-employment testing platform, we recommend that the only individuals designated as non-applicants are platform users who wish to experience the full candidate workflow. Individuals who are actually seeking a job should NOT be marked as a non-applicant. Likewise, current employees who are testing for a promotion or lateral job move within your organization should be tested as an actual job applicant.

Also, it's important that any individuals taking the assessment as a non-applicant test for a position that is in the area of their expertise. Because Wonderlic Select evaluates responses against the requirements for a specific job, it would be inappropriate to test someone against a job in which they are not interested or for which they are not qualified.

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