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How Do We Use Candidate Data?
How Do We Use Candidate Data?

Wonderlic collects data from candidates to continue leading the way in pre-employment assessments

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Wonderlic continuously enhances our products to improve the experience of our clients and the candidates who take our assessments. An integral part of this ongoing commitment is an emphasis on providing you the best possible science to evaluate applicants. To make that possible, the Wonderlic Select candidate experience occasionally includes questions or assessments that are used for data collection purposes only. This data is used by Wonderlic to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of our assessments and to aid in the creation of new assessments. Candidate responses to these questions have no impact on their Wonderlic Select results. 

Additionally, Wonderlic reserves the right to withhold responses obtained from these items or questions as the data we are gathering will not be included in the scoring model and should not be used for selection purposes. This data collection is essential for Wonderlic to continue to provide you the most predictive assessments possible.

All changes to our assessments and the candidate experience are announced in our Product Changes & Updates area, so please visit the link below to see updates as they are released. 

If you have further questions about this policy, please feel free to contact the Wonderlic Support Team.

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