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Exporting Wonderlic Select Data

As an account owner or admin, create and download a tabular extract of your Wonderlic Select candidate data.

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Exporting Candidate Data

To meet record-keeping requirements, you may wish to create a document containing all historical candidate testing records. Wonderlic Select account owners and admins are able to generate tabular data extracts of these candidate records, including candidate names and contact information, job opening information, and testing results.

Use of a Data Extract

Human resources professionals recognize the importance of diligent record keeping for all steps in their application and hiring processes. So, Wonderlic provides Wonderlic Select account owners and admins the ability to generate extracts including all candidate testing data.

These reports are intended for record-keeping purposes only, and they should not be used as a substitute for full candidate results reports. Wonderlic recommends that all selection decisions are made in the context of all available candidate information which can include information collected through resumes, phone screens, testing, and interviews. Due to the nature of the data, additional analyses should only be conducted by individuals with a solid understanding of applied statistical methodology.

Generating a Data Extract

To generate a candidate data report, click on "Export Wonderlic Select Data" under Additional Actions on the right side of your Wonderlic Select dashboard.

Then, on the screen that appears, check the box acknowledging the intended use of the reports and click the "Generate" button. Depending on the amount of candidate data you have amassed, the report may take a few minutes to generate. Click the "Refresh" button and once your report is ready it will be available to download. A CSV file will be generated, which can easily be converted to an Excel file.

NOTE: The ability to export data is available only to account owners and admins because ALL candidate data is included on the report - including data that might not otherwise be available to some Wonderlic Select users for your organization.

This limitation provides enhanced security of your candidates' personal data and testing results.

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