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Structured Interview Guides

Identify your “short list” of applicants, then use Structured Interview Guides to evaluate job-related candidate competencies

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Of course, the job interview is one of the most common approaches used to select employees. But many organizations use unstructured interviews which do not focus on assessing job-related traits.

Wonderlic Select helps you formalize your interview process by providing structured interview guides with questions based on job-related competencies for the specific position. Posing the same structured questions to all candidates can help you to avoid making misguided or biased hiring decisions.

To print a candidate's interview guide, click the menu icon (three vertically-stacked dots) to the right of the candidate's name. Then, from the drop down menu, select "Print Interview Guide". This will allow you to print the interview guide for that single candidate.

To print interview guides for multiple candidates, check the boxes to the left of the names of the candidates you wish to interview for the opening. Then, from the Actions menu at the top of the candidate listing, select "Print Interview Guide" from the dropdown menu.

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