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New Hire Success Tips

Use New Hire Success Tips to help you customize new employees' onboarding and training experiences to best meet their needs

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You've tested and compared your "short list" of applicants to determine which candidates you'd like to pursue. And, you've interviewed these top candidates using Wonderlic Select's Structured Interview Guide. You've weighed your options, made your decision, and your top candidate has accepted your job offer!

So, you're "done" with Wonderlic Select for this hiring cycle, right? ...Wrong!

Wonderlic Select continues to help you even after you've hired the best possible candidates for your positions. Our New Hire Success Tips feature can help you tailor your new hires' on-boarding and training experiences to meet their individual needs.

Once you've made a hiring decision and a candidate has accepted your offer, change the candidate's status to "hired" in the Wonderlic Select platform. By doing this, you can access customized tips based on this individual's personality results and reported preferences.

By utilizing these tips during the training process, you can maximize your new hires' comprehension and engagement, recognize and reward them in meaningful ways, and anticipate how they will respond to the social dynamics of your workplace.

To access the New Hire Success Tips, you'll first need to change the candidate's status to "Hired" by clicking the drop down menu to the far right of the candidate's name.

Then, once you've changed a candidate's status to "Hired," click on the menu icon to the far right of your new employee's name and select "New Hire Success Tips" from the drop down menu.

You can review the tips online, print them, or save the document as a PDF to share with the new employee's immediate supervisor or manager.

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