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Wonderlic Select Overview
Wonderlic Select Overview

Understand the scope of what Wonderlic Select provides.

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What is Wonderlic Select?

Wonderlic Select is an easier, faster way to assess the fit of potential job candidates as part of your application process.

By using the results of reliable, validated, multi-measure pre-employment assessments, Wonderlic Select allows you to screen out unqualified candidates for your positions. Then, it helps you identify which remaining candidates are most likely to succeed. But the platform’s benefits don’t stop there. Wonderlic Select can help you with the next stage of your hiring process by providing guided interview questions to evaluate your top candidates. Then, we provide onboarding tips to help tailor your new hires' training… to get them “up to speed” as quickly as possible.

What does Wonderlic Select measure?

Wonderlic Select assesses and ranks potential employees in three areas to help predict job performance.

Cognitive Ability
Today's Wonderlic Cognitive Ability test belongs to the same family of cognitive ability tests that have been the industry standard for over 80 years. By measuring cognitive ability, you can assess a candidate's ability to understand instructions, learn, adapt, and solve problems. The Cognitive Ability construct measures what someone is able to do.

The Wonderlic Motivation Assessment helps identify an individual’s motivational drivers, so you can better identify candidates who can thrive in a given role. Research shows that when employees' interests and job duties align, they are more likely to be motivated by their work. This inspiration can lead to higher levels of job satisfaction, career stability, and performance. The Motivation construct measures what someone wants to do.

The Wonderlic Personality Assessment helps you determine whether a candidate’s personality traits align with the demands of the job. Individuals whose personality traits are strong matches for the position are more likely to be high performers at work. This Personality Test is based on the Five Factor Model of Personality, the most widely researched and accepted model of personality. The Personality construct measures how someone is likely to behave.

With Wonderlic Select, candidates for all positions complete the same assessments. What varies is the interpretation of the results. This means that you only need to test a candidate once - even if you are considering them for multiple positions within your organization.

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