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Resolving a Failed Credit Card Transaction
Resolving a Failed Credit Card Transaction

Learn what to do if your credit card payment fails to process and your WonScore account is "on hold."

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Failed Billing

As WonScore is designed to be a self-service platform, the subscription fee for all monthly and many annual WonScore accounts is directly billed to a credit card each billing period. This process is automated and reliable, however, a credit card may fail billing for various reasons, such as:

  • An expired card

  • A credit card which has exceeded a predetermined transaction limit

  • Credit card account security settings which erroneously identify the transaction as suspicious

  • Communication difficulties between our system and your credit provider

In most cases, account owners can simply update necessary information on the WonScore platform and reactivate their accounts in just a few minutes.

How to Know Your Credit Card Did Not Process

If billing fails, account owners receive both an automated email and an in-platform notification that the credit card on file could not be charged. The email and the notification provide a link to the “Update Billing Information” page on the WonScore platform.

All other account users, upon login, are directed to contact their account owner.

Steps to Update Credit Card Information and Restore Access

Account owners should do the following if they're notified that their payment has failed:

Click the link provided on the email or in-platform notification.

Then, review your payment information and billing address on file. 

  • If changes are necessary, edit the information and click the “Update Billing Information” button. This will resubmit payment for your WonScore subscription. Typically, within a minute or so, you’ll receive notification that payment has processed, and you'll regain access to your account.

  • If all information appears correct, our system may have had difficulty communicating with your credit card provider. To resubmit your credit card for payment, click the “Edit” button under Billing Address. Make no changes (unless necessary) and then click the red” Update Billing Information” button. In most cases, the payment will succeed, and you’ll be up and running again.

Billing Still Failed After I Resubmitted Payment

If you've updated your information and/or clicked the red "Update Billing Information " button, but your account remains on hold, we recommend contacting your credit card company to determine if they are preventing the transaction from being completed.

If your credit provider is not blocking the transaction, please contact the WonScore Support Team at We’ll review your account status and assist you with payment completion and the restoration of your access to WonScore.

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