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Changing Candidate Statuses

To effectively use all Wonderlic Select features, it's important to update candidates' statuses as they progress through your hiring process

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Overview of Candidate Statuses

To get the most out of Wonderlic Select, we recommend changing the status of candidates as they progress through your hiring process. This allows you to:

  • Remove candidates you are not pursuing from your active view by archiving them

  • Identify your hires and gain access to the New Hire Success Tips by flagging candidates as hired

To update a candidate's status, click on the dropdown menu to the far right of a candidate's name.

Learn more about status designations:

Active candidates

When you invite candidates to test, either remotely or onsite, they immediately become "active." Likewise, when candidates access the testing platform via a Quick Apply Link and provide their personal information, they become "active." Candidates remain "active," whether they have completed the assessments or not, until you take action to change their status.

NOTE: In order to complete testing activities, candidates must be "active." Candidates who have not completed the assessments may only do so while their status is "active." For this reason, you should not archive any candidates who you would still like to test. And because candidates aren't required to complete all assessment components in one sitting, Wonderlic recommends NOT immediately archiving candidates who have unfinished testing activities. 

Archived candidates

As candidates complete testing and results populate on your testing site, you'll want to identify the higher-scoring candidates who you'd like to invite to the next step of your application process. As you determine which candidates you'd like to pursue, it's helpful to "archive" candidates not under consideration. By archiving candidates, you can keep your testing site uncluttered and help avoid confusion. 

NOTE: Because candidates may pause during the intermission of a testing session, you should not automatically archive candidates who do not have completed testing results. These candidates may intend to return and complete the assessments at a later time.

Hired Candidates

When you've selected your hires, it's important to change candidates' statuses to "hired." Why? So you can take advantage of Wonderlic Select's New Hire Success Tips.

Once you change a candidate's status to "hired," you may access individualized tips based on the candidate's cognitive, motivational and personality profiles. These tips can guide you in developing a customized training plan for these individuals and will provide insights into most effectively communicating with and offering feedback to these new employees.

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