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Whitelisting Wonderlic Email Domains
Whitelisting Wonderlic Email Domains

Make sure you receive all email communication from Wonderlic by whitelisting our email domains.

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In an effort to protect you from unwanted or malicious email, providers such as Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo may automatically block some email from specific addresses or entire domains. Sometimes they mistake legitimate, wanted email for scams or spam. To ensure delivery of all Wonderlic email regarding your account, we recommend whitelisting the following email domains:




Whitelisting these domains will help ensure that you don't miss communication about:

  • Candidate testing activity

  • Billing, renewal, and other account management functions

  • Requested password resets

  • Announcements of new product enhancements and features

If you're uncertain how to whitelist emails from a specific domain, we recommend a quick internet search such as: whitelisting email domains in (outlook / gmail / yahoo) or contact your resident technology expert.

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