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Research and Validation of Wonderlic Assessments
Research and Validation of Wonderlic Assessments

Like all Wonderlic products, WonScore assessments are subject to extensive, ongoing analysis

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Wonderlic assessments undergo rigorous analyses during development to help ensure that the tests are valid, reliable, and appropriate to use in pre-employment settings. Numerous validation studies (criterion-related, construct and content) have been conducted by Wonderlic, as well as independent researchers.

While validation is imperative for the development of an assessment, Wonderlic also conducts ongoing validation research on and regular data monitoring of its assessments. Wonderlic researchers utilize the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, as well as other legal and professional standards, as guidance when developing and validating all tests.

Additionally, our General Counsel, who is also an industrial psychologist, is in charge of monitoring legislative trends and judicial decisions that may impact the use of Wonderlic’s assessments. 

For more information, please contact Wonderlic's Support Team who can put you in touch with a Wonderlic consultant. | 888.406.8378

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